All About Words: An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building by Maxwell Nurnberg & Morris Rosenblum (9788183070744)

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Author : Maxwell Nurnberg & Morris Rosenblum
Publisher : Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. (Goyal Saab)
Country of Origin : India
Binding : Paperback
No. Of Pages : 427
ISBN : 9788183070744
Language : English
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All About Words: An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building by Maxwell Nurnberg & Morris Rosenblum (9788183070744)

Building a good vocabulary can be of great help, not just to students, but to anyone who requires good language skills. It helps in improving communication skills and positively affects one?s personal and professional life.

So, what is the procedure to start building a good vocabulary? Assimilate interesting words that appear in magazines, news articles, and books? Go through dictionaries and thesaurus? These measures can help, but it can be difficult to remember all the words.

All About Words shows readers how they can add to their repertoire of words in an easy and interesting way. In fact, the authors showcase different methods through which people can improve their vocabulary. The book takes readers through myths, legends, folklore, and helps them trace the roots and explore the Latin origins of many words.

The authors also present interesting ways to remember words from a dictionary, book, or newspaper. They state that people can easily remember words by just remembering the starting syllable and the suffix that ends the word. Objects that are around them can also help people build their vocabulary. Remembering ancient fables and myths that gave rise to words or phrases, words that have origins in a place, a person, or a book – learning all these can also help people remember more words and build their skills.

The book also discusses how English has acquired words from many languages from around the world. Exploring the root of words, their origins in different languages and from different regions is yet another interesting method featured in this text.

Through games, stories, puzzles, history, etymology, mnemonics, and other interesting techniques, the book shows its readers how they can effectively add more words to their vocabulary.

About The Authors
Maxwell Nurnberg?was the Chairman of the English Department at Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, and the Adjunct Associate Professor of English at New York University.

He wrote many books on building language and vocabulary skills. Other books by Nurnberg include I Always Look Up The Word ?Egregious? and Questions You Always Wanted To Ask About English.

Dr.?Morris Rosenblum?was a lecturer at the City College in New York and taught classical languages and comparative literature.

He has also co-authored another book with Maxwell Nurnberg – How To Build a Better Vocabulary, and has authored What To Name Your Baby: From Adam to Zoe.

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