Analytical Reasoning : Magical Book Series (9788190458917) BSC Publishing


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An informative and comprehensive book, Analytical Reasoning provides a foundational base for the subject of analytical reasoning, and provides data on the different types of questions asked under this topic in competitive exams. Summary Of The Book Analytical reasoning occupies a prominent role in most competitive exams in India like the CAT, and the GMAT. It tests a candidate s logical and reasoning skills, and this book is a great source for learning the core concepts involved in it. While most similar books are published with a focus on last-minute preparations and quick comprehension, Analytical Reasoning focuses on the basics of the subject of logic and reasoning. It is designed to help the reader understand the foundational aspects, and provides information on every type and variation of the questions that are asked in today’s competitive exams, such as argument-based questions, assumption-based questions and questions based on inferences. The book is divided into two parts, Reasoning based on Logic and Reasoning based on Rules. Topics like Data Sufficiency, Strengthening and Weakening Arguments, Coded Relationships, Analytical Decision-Making and Evaluating Inferences are discussed in great detail. Each topic is explained in a concise and clear-cut manner, making it very easy for the reader to comprehend and apply the different principles and strategies involved. A thorough analysis of each topic is provided, along with varied tips, techniques, and shortcut methods to solving analytical reasoning questions. Analytical Reasoning can be implemented for any competitive exam that tests the candidate s analytical reasoning skills, and can help one build a solid foundation in the subject. The book is written in a concise and simple manner. The chapters in the book include the latest topics and trends. This revised edition was published in 2012.

Author: MK Pandey
Publisher: BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN-13: 9788190458917
Language: English
Binding: Paperbacks
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: No

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