APC – ICSE Understanding Mathematics Class-4 By M.L. Aggarwal (9788182966512)


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Author : M.L. Aggarwal
Publisher : APC Publishing
Country of Origin : India
Binding : Paperback
No. Of Pages : 244
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Strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

Salient Features of this book:

. The book covers the entire prescribed syllabus.

. Numbers upto 100 have been developed by observing and counting objects.

. More focus has been on counting of objects and making their collections to understand ones and tens.

. Formation of 2-digit numbers with given digits has been explained thoroughly.

. Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers without regrouping (carrying) and without decomposing (borrowing)? ?have been taught.

. Multiplication is done by means of multiplication tables.

. Oral questions wherever possible, have been incorporated to enhance the thinking power of the tiny tots.

. The introduction of length, weight, money and time has been done by means of examples from daily life and? ?illustrated by attractive pictures.

. Distinction between 2-D and 3-D figures is explained at appropriate place.

. Drawing of 2-D shapes by using geometry box, chalk box, bangle and geoboard has been done.

. Due care has been taken to present data handling topic by taking simple and interesting examples for this age? ?group? students.

. Pattern in numbers and shapes do find their places.

. Questions in the form of quizzes, puzzles and cross numbers have been given to avoid stereotype questions.

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