This book covers topics related to Computer Fundamentals, Operating System and Office 2010 software packages. The book describes the detailed explanation of User Interface and basic elements of Windows 7 Operating system in an easy-to-understand language. Office 2010 packages namely World, Excel, PowerPoint, Access are explained in detail along with large number of screen and examples. Separate chapter is added on Internet and Email that will make the reader highly accomplished in using Internet as well as mailing messages through Internet. Topic on Social Networking sites are described in simple English language which includes Facebook and Twitter that will make the reader highly knowledgeable in the field of IT.

  • Sample numbers of diagrams are used to illustrate the subject matter for easy understanding,
  • solved exercises are added at the end of each chapter,
  • essential features of Windows 8 are also added.
  • Comprehensive glossary of terms is given for easy access to various topics needed for understanding the subject matter.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 : Computer Fundamentals

Chapter 2 : Using Windows 7

Chapter 3 : Getting Started with MS Word 2010

Chapter 4 : Designing MS Word 2010 Document

Chapter 5 : Creating Graphics and Tables

Chapter 6 : Using Mall Merge, Envelopes and Labels

Chapter 7 : Getting Started with Excel 2010

Chapter 8 : Working With Tables and Charts

Chapter 9 : Working With Formulas and Functions

Chapter 10 : Introducing PowerPoint 2010

Chapter 11 : Organizing and Formatting Slides

Chapter 12 : Using Animation In PowerPoint

Chapter 13 : Getting Started with Access 2010

Chapter 14 : Handling Queries

Chapter 15 : Working With Forms

Chapter 16 : Generating Reports In Access 2010

Chapter 17 : Internet and E-mail

Chapter 18 : Social Networking