Flickering Flames : A Novel by Rajnish Sharma (9788124116807)

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Set in the City of Nawabs, home to the debauch rulers of erstwhile Avadh, it is one of the most unusual love stories of modern times.

Towards the end of one of the most exciting decades in the history of Independent India, the launch of a new newspaper from the city, brings together a bunch of talented, energetic and quirky youngsters from all over the country. Among these high on testosterone individuals are the sensitive and?reticent, albeit a little cynical, small-town guy, Aditya and the enigmatic Shenaz, a young?liberal woman (born and brought up in Europe) married into an orthodox Muslim family. Sparks that fly between them soon blossom into a tacit, unspoken bond. The intensity of this modern-day love, despite breaching the barriers, retains an endearing old world charm.

The easygoing character of the city and the ample time it has on its hands come across through the characters and the unhurried pace of events, though there never is a dull moment, humour being the soul of the narrative. It is also a very personal pilgrimage for the protagonist wherein he revisits the place, the people and the city that he had left some 10 years ago.

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