Governance, Constitution And Social Justice BY.SALMAN KHURSHID (9789353167691)


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30.     Election Commission

31.     Comptroller and Auditor Generalof India

32.     Central Vigilance Commission

33.     UPSC and SPSC

34.     Conflicts between the Elected Representatives and the Institution ofLieutenant Governor in the Administration of Delhi:Full Statehood for Delhi

35.     International Law Treaties and Obligations

36.     Free Flow of Trade and Commerce

37.     Emergency Provisions Under the Constitution

38.     Amendment to the Constitution

39.     Panchayati Raj

40.     Municipalities

41.     Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir: Article 370 and Article 35-Aof the Constitution

42.     Special Status of the North Eastern States

43.     Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)

44.     Scheduled Castes and ScheduledTribes

45.     Schedules to the Constitution

46.     Union, State and Concurrent Lists

47      Structure, Organization and Functioning of the Executive [Ministries and Departments of the Government]

48.     Salient Features of the Representation of Peoples Act

49.     Government Policies and Interventions for Development in Various Sectorsand Issues Arising Out of their Design and Implementation

50.     Development Processes and Role of NGOs, Self Help Groups, Associations, Donors, Charities, Institutional and Other Stakeholders

51.     Statutory, Regulatory and Various Quasi-Judicial Bodies

52.     Welfare Schemes for Vulnerable Sections of the Population by theCentre and States

53.     Issues Relating to Development and Management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources

54.     Issues Related to Poverty and Hunger

55.     Good Governance, E-Governance and Citizen’s Charter

56.     Role of Civil Services in a Democracy

ISBN-13: 9.78935E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 419
Country of Origin: India

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