Hotel Engineering By Sujit Ghosal (9780198062912)


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Hotel Engineering is a comprehensive textbook, in the Indian context for Hotel Management students. The book covers fundamentals of engineering in the hotel context, description of working of engineering systems, provision of rules and regulations in a concise way but covering all the relevant topics of hotel engineering. Written in a student-friendly style, it focuses on concepts reinforced with suitable examples, exhibits, illustrations and case studies.

The book begins with an introduction to the engineering systems in a hotel. It goes on to discuss the fundamental concepts of work, power, energy and basic electrical systems in a hotel, and wiring and safety precautions in dealing with electrical appliances with reference to hotel industry. It elaborates the science of illumination, lighting devices and lighting requirements for different functional areas in a hotel. The book discusses thermal science and different types of fuels used in
catering industry and ovens and cook-tops. Topics such as fire and extinguishers, water hardness and treatment, cold and hot water distribution systems, refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air conditioning and elucidated. The book highlights maintenance procedure requirements. It explicates
concerns with maintenance of buildings and swimming pool, utility systems and safety and security aspects of a hotel. The book has maintenance and troubleshooting guides of engineering systems in hotel industry that would be a handy reference for students.

Users would find this book useful for its coverage of key concepts of engineering in the context of the hospitality industry. The book would also be useful to practicing hotel engineers for ready reference.

Author: Sujit Ghosal
Publisher: Sujit Ghosal
ISBN-13: 9.7802E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 438
Country of Origin: India

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