JEE Advanced Chemistry-Physical Chemistry II By Ananya Ganguly (9789354491795)


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“In the past few years, the IIT-JEE has evolved as an examination designed to check a candidate’s true scientific skills. The examination pattern needs one to see those little details which others fail to see. These details tell us how much in-depth we should know to explain a concept in the right direction. Keeping the present-day scenario in mind, JEE Advanced Chemistry series is written for students, to allow them not only to learn the tools but also to see why they work so nicely in explaining the beauty of ideas behind the subject. The central goal of this series is to help the students develop a thorough understanding of Chemistry as a subject. This series stresses on building a rock-solid technical knowledge based on firm foundation of the fundamental principles followed by a large collection of formulae. The primary philosophy
of this series is to guide the aspirants towards detailed groundwork for strong conceptual understanding and development of problem-solving skills.
This updated second edition of the series will help the aspirants prepare for both Advanced and Main levels of JEE conducted for IITs and other elite engineering institutions in India. This book will also be equally useful for the students preparing for Chemistry Olympiads.
All books in this series are enriched with detailed exhaustive theory that introduces the concepts of Chemistry in a clear, concise, thorough and easy-to-understand language. A large collection of relevant and new problems is provided in seven major categories (including updated archive for JEE Advanced and JEE Main), for which the solutions are demonstrated in a logical and stepwise manner.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Solid state Chapter 2: Liquid solutions and colligative properties Chapter 3: Electrochemistry Chapter 4: Chemical Kinetics Chapter 5: Surface Chemistry”

Salient Features

1. Learning Objectives 2. Solved Example as per subtopicwise 3. Test your Concepts 4. Problem solving Techniques 5. Conceptual Notes 6. Practice Exercise 7. Previous Year JEE Main & Advanced Question 8. Answer Key and Complete solution of all question

Author: Ananya Ganguly
Publisher: Pearson Eduction
ISBN-13: 9789354491795
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 26/09/2022
No. Of Pages: 528
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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