La Martiniere College Class-5 (2020-21) Set of Stationery


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Author : La Martiniere College
Publisher : La Martiniere College, Lucknow
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La Martiniere College Class-5 (2019-20) Set of Stationery:
Lamatiniere Boys College Lko
Class – 5th (Stationery)
Qty Particulars Unit Price Amount
6 D/R 60 Pages Rs.18.00 Rs.108.00
1 D/R 40 Pages Rs.14.00 RS.14.00
9 Broad D/R 60 Pages Rs.18.00 Rs.162.00
1 Broad D/R 40 Pages Rs.14.00 Rs.14.00
13 D/R Inter 60 Pages Rs.18.00 Rs.234.00
6 S/C 60 Pages Rs.18.00 Rs.108.00
1 Plain Drawing 36 Pages(Faber Castell) Rs.40.00 Rs.40.00
1 Register 108 Pages (Classmate) Rs.40.00 Rs.40.00
38 Total Rs. Rs.720.00
Not in Packet
6-S/R 60 Pages(for Urdu), 1-Pkt Cartidge Sheets (A4 Art Paper), 1-Pkt Assorted Coloured, Sheets
(A4 Art Paper), 1-Clear Bag, 2-Pencil, 1-Blue Gel pen, 1-Black Gel pen, 1-Eraser, 1-Plastic Ruler,
1-Sharpner, 1-Box (Faber Castell) Colour Pencil, 1-Box (Faber Castell), Fabric/Acrylic Colour,
1-Box (Faber Castell) Poster Colour, 2-Paint Brushes(1-thick, 1-thin), 1-Geometric Box, 1-Fevistick
10-World Political Map, 10 World Physical Maps


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