La Martiniere Girls College Class – 5th (Set of Notebooks)


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La Martiniere Girls College, Lko 2023-24
Class-5th (Stationery)
Qty Particular Price Amount
7 S/R 120 Pages (Classmate) 35.00 245.00
4 S/R Inter 120 Pages (Classmate) 35.00 140.00
4 S/R 72 Pages (Classmate) 25.00 100.00
1 Register 108 Pages (Classmate) 45.00 45.00
16 Total Rs. 530.00
Not in Packet
2-S/R 120 Pages for Urdu, 1-Khanna Art File, 1-Geometry Box,
1-Box of Coloured Pencils, 1-Box of Paints (Tubes), 2-Paint Brushes,
2-Good Fountain Pens, 1-Ink Eraser, 1-12″ Ruler,
2-Pkt A4 Size Paper JK 250 each.


Author: La Martiniere Girls College LMGC
Publisher: Universal Booksellers
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: No

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