Modinama – Issue That Did Not Matter by Subhash Gatade (9788193466698)

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Modinama – Issue That Did Not Matter by Subhash Gatade (9788193466698)

In May 2019, the party of the Hindu Right, Bharatiya Janata Party, under Narendra Modi, won a spectacular electoral victory. The victory seemed to defy common sense ? why did conversations of life and livelihood not dominate the election? Why did the thuggery of the Hindutva vigilantes seem inconsequential to vast numbers of ordinary, decent people? Why is an aggressive, masculine fundamentalism so normalized in our society today? In other words, why didn?t the issues that matter, seem to matter? The question goes deeper than electoral arithmetic. It asks if Modi and the BJP have not only changed the electoral map, but also begun to corrode social norms. This book, based on Modi?s first five years as prime minister, is a warning for the next five.

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