Muslims at Crosscroads: Changing Face of ‘LIVED ISLAM’ in India By Nadeem Hasnain (9788193634929)

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Author : Nadeem Hasnain
Publisher : New Royal Book Company
Binding : Paperback
No. Of Pages : 153
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In the present religio-political discourses terms such as Wahabi, Salafi, Takfiri, Radical Islam, Militant Islam, Jihadi Islam etc. are scattered all around not only in the media but also in day today conversation. Even lay persons the world over are using these terms along with terms such as Liberal Islam and Moderate Islam. Where are the living, throbbing human beings living their everyday lives in their local contexts? Thus, what is more important today is to explore how ordinary Muslims make sense of Islam on day today basis in their everyday life. This is ‘Lived Islam’ integrated with their respective local contexts- customs and practices. It portrays the ‘shared culture’, shared with the non-Muslim communities. This shared culture is now being contested and challenged by the ultra conservative, radical fundamentalists who are hell bent ,through sustained campaign largely inspired by Saudi Arabia and Gulf States, on purging local cultures of Muslims describing these ‘unislamic’. In the process they are trying to ‘Arabize’ the South Asian Islam nurtured for centuries within a shared cultural milieu. Ironically, most of the customs and practices being targeted by them do not necessarily violate the fundamental principles of Islam. This book, based on field research, takes a hard look at what is happening in everyday life of Muslims beyond ‘Textual Islam’.

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