Organic Chemistry 6th Edition By Morrison Boyd (9788177581690)


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Organic chemistry is a subdivision of chemistry which deals with the learning of the structure, properties and reactions of organic mixtures and materials. Organic chemistry expresses the concepts and the basics of the topic in reader-friendly language. The book is divided into many sections that talk about the different features of this subdivision.

The chapters comprise of fundamental of organic chemistry, specific topics, chemistry of functional groups, contemporary and future organic chemistry and biomolecules and bioorganic chemistry. The 7th edition organic chemistry is available in paperback on Amazon and was published by Pearson education in the year 2010. The book broadly covers topics related in the present and upcoming situation such as drugs and synthetic dyes, nanoparticles and future devices, such as molecular machines and green chemistry.

About the Author

Thebook is written by Robert Neilson Boyd and Robert T. Morrison who were American chemists. Robert N. Boyd was professor of chemistry at New York Universityfrom 1947.They both are best known for their book Organic Chemistry, which first appeared in 1959 and in the United States and beyond a standard textbook was over 2 million copies sold. The best-seller book has gone through 7 editions and has also been translated in numerous languages.

Author: Morrison Boyd
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN-13: 9788177581690
Language: English
Binding: Paper Backs
Publishing Date: 29/09/2022
No. Of Pages: 1325
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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