Oxford Guide to English Grammar by John Eastwood (9780195667455)

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Author : John Eastwood
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Country of Origin : India
Binding : Paperback
No. Of Pages : 446
ISBN : 9780195667455
Language : English
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Oxford Guide to English Grammar by John Eastwood (9780195667455)

An excellent reference guide, The Oxford Guide To English Grammar organizes and simplifies the grammatical forms replete in the English language in a manner most suitable for both enthusiasts and teachers.

Summary Of The Book

Oxford Guide To English Grammar?couples a highly systematic approach with a grounded narrative that renders it indispensable to anyone wishing to learn the English language in all its intricate nuances. Specifically, this textbook deals with British English and is designed for intermediate and advanced learners of the language. It brings together a number of helpful examples in the form of conversations that make processing the information more accessible.

The reference book displays a more than efficient glossary and index that provides a reliable point of reference for all enthusiasts grappling with concepts or ideas. In addition to the index, every chapter begins with a birds eye view i.e. the summary which eases users into the grammatical concepts. Here, the use of examples and absence of technical jargon also lay testimony to the general accessibility of the guide.

The book mainly strives in making understandable the basic nuances of grammar under the broader umbrella of Grammatical units, the Word Classes, Phrases and the Sentence elements. Here the book triumphs with the use of authentic texts and conversations that sprinkle much needed life into an otherwise taut and clinical study of grammar. The book also pays homage to the rise of informal usage of the language and provides the distinction between that usage that is acceptable and that which is not. Although vocabulary changes more easily, the rules of grammar are slower to change. Therefore the author doesn?t rule out the possibility and provides an insight into the use of informal speech.

There are additional chapters which deals with the language in comparison. One chapter points out the uniqueness of the English language in terms of complex structure and the importance of Word Order. Another dabbles extensively in the American language and provides a comparison between it and British English. Here grammar changes perspectives too and the book weaves the information beautifully around examples.

The accessibility of the language and the succinct use of examples renders The?Oxford Guide To English Grammar?a most helpful companion for most users. The easily navigable content and the ease with which complex concepts are explained makes this most suitable for teachers looking for stimulating content.

About John Eastwood

John Eastwood is a freelance author.

He has authored a number of grammar books and guides for the Oxford University Press. These include the?Oxford Learner’s Pocket Grammar, Oxford Learner?s Grammar and Oxford Practice Grammar?among other books.

After studying at the Leeds and Bristol Universities he went on to teach English in German schools. He then joined the Oxford University Press in the English Language Teaching Development Unit.

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