Politics For A New India : A Nationalistic Perspective By Shriprakash Singh (9788129151612)


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This book may be treated, but with precaution, as indigenization of political science in India.
This book is a modest attempt to seek an identity for Bharatiya Ways of Study and move away from the Western domination in social science. It attempts to negate the system of Euro-supremacist control and expose the dependence and unrelenting academic imperialism. It cautions against blind imitation without carefully testing against empirical realities of India to save the social sciences in general and political science in particular, from possible bias. That is why this book aims at setting an alternative discourse in political science as against hegemonic discourse to diversify the outlook amenable to the historical and cultural context of India.
Politics for a New India relies on objectivity and the analysis of world views drawn from our own intellectual traditions, as well as the metaphysical, philosophical and ethical assumptions at the core of our political issues. It also takes into its inquiry all those problems which have not been adequately paid attention so far but are legitimately needed in current political discourse. These include the RSS ideology and practice; perspective of Dharma and Advaita; literary excursion; integral humanism; Hindu philosophy and women rights; Kerala model of development; uniform civil code, among others.

Author: Shriprakash Singh
Publisher: Shriprakash Singh
ISBN-13: 9.78813E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country of Origin: India

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