St. Agnes’s Loreto Day School Class-2 (2020-21) Set of Stationery


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Author : St. Agnes Loreto Day School
Publisher : St. Agnes Loreto Day School, Lucknow
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St. Agnes’s Loreto Day School Class-2 (2020-21) Set of Stationery includes:
Class – 2nd (Stationery)
Qty Particulars Unit Price Amount
6 D/R 120 Pages Rs.32.00 Rs.192.00
1 D/R Inter 120 Pages Rs.32.00 Rs.32.00
1 S/C 120 Pages Rs.32.00 Rs.32.00
2 S/R 120 Pages Rs.32.00 Rs.64.00
1 Plain Drawing 32 Pages Rs.30.00 Rs.30.00
1 Pkt Punch Paper One Side Ruled Rs.15.00 Rs.15.00
12 Total Rs. Rs.365
Not in Packet
1- Naman Check Drawing, 2-Pencils, 1-Rubber, 1-Ruler, 1-Sharpner
1-Box Camilin Crayon, 1-Box of tubes Colours, 1-Fevicol Tube
1-Box Camilin Pencil Colours

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