A Short History of Aurangzib by Jadunath Sarkar (9788125036906)


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A Short History of Aurangzib is an authoritative historical account of the life and times of the last Mughal Emperor by Jadunath Sarkar.

Summary of the Book

Jadunath Sarkar?s book discusses the history of Aurangzib, the Mughal Emperor. He draws on over 25 years of experience to help readers understand the man for who he was and what he did. Based on sources in Persian, the book explains how the power hungry Emperor did not let anyone get in his way. It talks of Shivaji and the Marathas, explaining how they clashed with the Mughal army. It begins with his childhood life, and then progresses to Shah Jahan?s illness. Aurangzib rebelled against his father, and seized power. It moves on to his conquests, his failures and the slow yet inevitable fall of India into British hands, largely the fault of Aurangzib and his squabbles with the other rulers of India.

About Judunath Sarkar

Judunath Sarkar was an Bengali aristocrat and historian best remembered for his historical works, including: A History of Jaipur, Military History of India, A History of Aurangzib (in 5 volumes), Studies in Mughal India, and Mughal Administration.

A graduate of Presidency College, Calcutta and Calcutta University, he served as the Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University and was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire and knighted by the acting Viceroy, Lord Goschen.

Author: Jadunath Sarkar
Publisher: Jadunath Sarkar
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 416
Country of Origin: India

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