APC – Understanding ISC Computer Science (Java with BlueJ) (2021 Ed) Class-12 By Vijay Kumar Pandey & Dilip Kumar Dey (9788182967281)

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In strict conformity with the new syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi in the year 2020 and onwards for students of Class-XII.

The book “Understanding Computer Science” (Java with BlueJ) for Class XII has framed as per the new curriculum prescribed by the Council. The introductory volume for Class XI, aims to provide the fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and software. It also includes the elementary concepts of Java (an object-oriented programming) language to build strong foundation in programming. However, in the second volume, i.e. for Class XII, the concept of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) has been explained in detail along with the related programs. In the later stage, data structure, linked list, stacks and queue with computational complecity have been added. This book has been thoroughly revised and tried to present with a new look. We have also incorporated the queries and suggestions given by the students as well as teachers. In each chapter, the emphasis has been given on discussing theory and practical questions. In each chapter, the emphasis has been on discussing theory and practical questions, asked in ISC examinations with a few solved and unsolved practice questions. A Special care has been taken to explain the topics in lucid language and user-freindly manner. Each chapter contains adequate illustrations from simple to complex to make to topics understandable. All the solved programs are exeuted on Blue J platform before incorporating them in the book. The programming techniques and logics are simple and are based on inputStreamReader/Scanner Class. The questions are well graded so that students can develop their self-confidence. It is hoped that the fourth edition of this book will immensely be helpful for the students in preparing thoroughly for the examinations.

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