Arihant: Train Your Brain Puzzles Book-C (9789352512447)

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Arihant: Train Your Brain Puzzles Book-C (9789352512447)

Puzzles make your brain more streamlined, stretched & logical.? Stimulating logic puzzles will help you assess and develop all the dimensions of your logical thinking abilities.? Book C, Train Your Brain is the first graded puzzle series for developing Problem Solving skills in aspirants preparing for Management Entrances like CAT, MAT, XAT and others. It involves explicitly or implicitly defined procedures for solving them. Illustrations have been provided wherever required to help you understand the puzzle clearly. Puzzle books of this series contain Picture Puzzles, Math Puzzles, Word Puzzles, Logic Puzzles, etc providing you with a remedy for lazy or inflexible thinking. The level of difficulty increases as you go along so you will spend more mind stretching moments with each progressive puzzle.
Although the solutions at the end of the book have been given still you might like to Take the Challenge and See for Yourselves.

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