Cengage Objective Physics for JEE : Class XI BY.B.M.SHARMA (9789355735249)


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JEE Objective Physics: Class 11 is designed to serve the requirements of JEE aspirants in the best possible manner. Through the course of this book, the aspirants have been provided with a pedagogically set question bank to help them prepare for these examinations better. Instead of chasing their mentors for concept-based questions on a regular basis, the aspirants can now practice whenever they wish to and absolutely on their own.


The book comprises a massive bank of exercises, which is set to practice subject concepts on a day-to-day basis. In order to synchronize aspirants’ preparation with their classroom lectures, the content lineup has been majorly kept parallel with that given in the NCERT Class 11 book. All the chapters have been segregated into three sections: (a) topicwise single correct answer questions (for JEE Main and Advanced); (b) mixed-concept multiple correct answers questions, matching column type, linked comprehension type, and integer answer questions; and (c) previous years’ JEE Advanced questions updated up to 2022. Detailed explanations have been provided for all questions, which help aspirants brush up on their concepts without much effort.


A separate booklet of chapterwise JEE Main 2022 questions with solutions (all 22 sets) is provided as complementary with the main book.

  • 2700 Questions with Solutions
  • Conceptwise MCQs for JEE Main & Advanced
  • Mixed Concept Questions for JEE Advanced
  • Archives up to 2022 with Solutions
  • Chapterwise tests to practice for JEE on Cengage Digital app
  • JEE Main 2022 papers as online tests on Cengage Digital app
  1. Units, Dimension, and Error Analysis
  2. Vectors
  3. General kinematics and Motion in One Dimension
  4. Motion in Two Dimensions
  5. Newton’s Laws of Motion (Without Friction)
  6. Newton’s Laws of Motion (With Friction)
  7. Work, Energy, and Power
  8. Centre of Mass and Collisions
  9. Rotational Dynamics
  10. Gravitation
  11. Fluid Mechanics (Real Fluids)
  12. Properties of Matter (Elasticity, Surface Tension, and Viscosity)
  13. Thermal Expansion, Calorimetry, and Transmission of Heat
  14. The Laws of Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Gases
  15. Simple Harmonic Motion
  16. Waves and Acoustics

Author: B.M.SHARMA
Publisher: Cengage
ISBN-13: 9789355735249
Language: ENGLISH
Product Edition: 2023
No. Of Pages: 816
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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