Digital Principles and Applications (English, Paperback, Leach Donald P.) (9780070141704)


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Digital Principles and Applications continues to build upon its strengths of being a lucid language, down-to-earth approach, detailed analysis and ready-to-use book. The new edition has been revised and restructured extensively to enhance coverage on existing topics and introduce new topics such as Error Detection and Correction, Universal Shift Register and Content Addressable Memory. It also includes two innovative features?problem-solving by multiple methods and laboratory experiments.

Salient Features

  • In-depth coverage of Boolean algebra, Schmitt Trigger, 555 Timer Clock and timing circuits, D/A-A/D conversion, Register, Counters and Memory, TTL & CMOS Devices and Pin diagrams
  • Practical approach through lab experiments and various industrial applications for designing digital circuits
  • Tutorial-based approach through section-end self test questions and problem solving through various methods.
  • Rich Pedagogy includes:
  • Solved Examples: 181
  • Section-end problems: 295
  • Chapter-end Problems: 503

Author: Leach
Publisher: Leach
ISBN-13: 9.78007E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
No. Of Pages: 682
Country of Origin: India

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