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Fixed Income Securities seeks to enhance the knowledge and proficiency in the Fixed Income Securities markets in India and aims to enhance the quality of services provided by the professionals in this market.

The Present Publication is the May 2021 workbook version, published exclusively by Taxmann for NISM Certification Examination XXII [Fixed Income Securities], with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Basics of Indian Debt Markets] and different terminologies used in debt markets
  • [Understand the Classification of Fixed Income Securities] based on various criteria such as issuer, maturity, coupon, currencies, embedded options, etc.
  • [Be Aware of the Risks] associated with investing in fixed income securities
  • [Know the Pricing of Bonds] including floating rate bond, price-yield relationship and price time path of a bond
  • [Understand the Sources of Returns] and the traditional yield measures
  • [Understand the Term Structure of Interest Rates] and the relationship between spot and forward rates
  • [Understand the Concepts of Measuring the Interest Rate Risk] including the concepts of Duration, Modified Duration, the Price value of basis point, Convexity measures, etc.
  • [Know the Indian Money Market] and understand various instruments available in the money market
  • [Understand the Government Debt Market] in India, including the issuance mechanism, secondary market, clearing and settlement, valuation and key regulatory guidelines
  • [Understand the Corporate Debt Market] in India, including the issuance mechanism, secondary market and key regulatory guidelines

The detailed contents of the book are as follows:

  • Overview of the Indian Debt Market
  • Types of Fixed Income Securities
  • Risks Associated with Investing in Fixed Income Securities
  • Pricing of Bonds
  • Yield Measures and Total Return
  • Term Structure of Interest Rates
  • Measuring Interest Rate Risk
  • Indian Money Market
  • Government Debt Market
  • Corporate Debt Market

Author: NISM
Publisher: Taxmann Publications
ISBN-13: 9.78939E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
No. Of Pages: 222
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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