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This book has been prepared by a group of faculties who are highly experienced in training GATE candidates and are also subject matter experts. As a result this book would serve as a one-stop solution for any GATE aspirant to crack the examination. The book is divided into 12 units. Coverage is as per the syllabus prescribed for GATE and topics are handled in a comprehensive manner – beginning from the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner supported by ample number of solved and unsolved problems. Extra care has been taken to present the content in a modular and systematic manner – to facilitate easy understanding of all topics.

Table of Content

“Preface Key Pedagogical Features Syllabus: Civil Engineering Chapter-wise Analysis of Previous Years’ Papers General Information about GATE Solved Papers 2021Set-1 Solved Papers 2021 Set-2 Civil Engineering UNIT 1 Engineering Mechanics Chapter 1 Introduction—Forces and Equilibrium Chapter 2 Free-body Diagrams—Trusses Chapter 3 Friction, Centre of Gravity, Moment of Inertia Chapter 4 Rectilinear Motion Chapter 5 Curvilinear Motion Chapter 6 List of Formulae UNIT 2 Solid Mechanics Chapter 1 Simple Stresses and Strains Chapter 2 Complex Stresses, Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams Chapter 3 Theory of Stresses in Beams Chapter 4 Torsion of Shafts Chapter 5 Deflection of Beams Chapter 6 Columns and Struts Chapter 7 Strain Energy Chapter 8 Fixed and Propped Cantilever Beams, and Shear Centre UNIT 3 Structural Analysis Chapter 1 Determinacy and Indeterminacy Chapter 2 Methods of Indeterminate Analysis Chapter 3 Analysis of Trusses Chapter 4 ILD and Rolling Loads Chapter 5 Arches, Cables, Matrix Methods UNIT 4 Construction Materials and Management Chapter 1 Concrete and Its Constituents Chapter 2 Steel Chapter 3 Bricks and Mortar Chapter 4 Timber Chapter 5 Bitumen Chapter 6 Introduction to Construction Management Chapter 7 Rate Analysis, Estimation and Standard Specifications Chapter 8 Tendering and Construction Contracts Chapter 9 Project Planning and Network Analysis UNIT 5 Concrete Structures Chapter 1 Limit State Method Chapter 2 Beams Chapter 3 Strength of RC Section in Shear, Torsion and Bond Chapter 4 Slabs, Columns and Footings Chapter 5 Pre-stressed Concrete UNIT 6 Steel Stru+Q2ctures Chapter 1 Material Specifications and Connections—Simple and Eccentric Chapter 2 Tension and Compression Members Chapter 3 Beams Chapter 4 Plate Girders and Roof Trusses Chapter 5 Plastic Theory UNIT 7 Geotechnical Engineering Chapter 1 Origin of Soils and Clay Mineralogy Chapter 2 Basic Definitions and Simple Tests Chapter 3 Index Properties and Soil Classification Chapter 4 Permeability Chapter 5 Effective Stress and Seepage Pressure Chapter 6 Seepage Analysis, Stress Distribution and Compaction Chapter 7 Consolidation Chapter 8 Shear Strength Chapter 9 Earth Pressure Theories Chapter 10 Stability of Slopes Chapter 11 Bearing Capacity Chapter 12 Pile Foundation Chapter 13 Soil Exploration UNIT 8 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Chapter 1 Fluid Properties and Manometry Chapter 2 Fluid Pressure and Buoyancy Chapter 3 Fluid Kinematics and Dynamics Chapter 4 Viscous Flow of Incompressible Fluids Chapter 5 Forces on Immersed Bodies Chapter 6 Flow Through Open Channels Chapter 7 Dimensional Analysis Chapter 8 Turbo Machinery UNIT 9 Water Resources Engineering Chapter 1 Hydrologic Cycle Chapter 2 Hydrographs, Flood Routing and Well Hydraulics Chapter 3 Irrigation Chapter 4 Gravity Dams, Spillways, Diversion Head Works and Silt Theories UNIT 10 Environmental Engineering Chapter 1 Water Supply Engineering-I Chapter 2 Water Supply Engineering-II Chapter 3 Waste Water Engineering-I Chapter 4 Waste Water Engineering-II UNIT 11 Transportation Engineering Chapter 1 Transportation Engineering Chapter 2 Highway Materials Chapter 3 Pavements Design Chapter 4 Traffic Engineering UNIT 12 Geomatics Engineering Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts and Linear Measurements Chapter 2 Compass and Plane Table Surveying Chapter 3 Theodolite, Traverse Survey and Omitted Measurements Chapter 4 Levelling and Contouring Chapter 5 Curves and Triangulation Survey Chapter 6 Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry GIS and GPS

Salient Features

“Maximum Coverage/Explanations/Illustrations as per Latest Syllabus 550+ Solved Problems and 3420+ Practice Questions Elaborated Question Bank Covering Previous 14 Years’ GATE Question Papers Unit -wise Time -bound Tests 2021 GATE Online Paper with detailed solution”

Author: Pearson
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN-13: 9789354493638
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
No. Of Pages: 1198
Country of Origin: India
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