GATE Computer Science and Information Technology 2022 (9789354493683)


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This book has been prepared by a group of faculties who are highly experienced in training GATE candidates and are also subject matter experts. As a result this book would serve as a one-stop solution for any GATE aspirant to crack the examination. The book is divided into 8 units. Coverage is as per the syllabus prescribed for GATE and topics are handled in a comprehensive manner – beginning from the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner supported by ample number of solved and unsolved problems. Extra care has been taken to present the content in a modular and systematic manner – to facilitate easy understanding of all topics.

Table of Content

“Contents Preface Key Pedagogical Features Syllabus: Computer Science and Information Technology Chapter-wise Analysis of GATE Previous Years’ Papers General Information about Gate Solved Papers 2021 Computer Science and Information Technology UNIT 1: Digital Logic Chapter 1: Number Systems Chapter 2: Boolean Algebra and Minimization of Functions Chapter 3: Combinational Circuits Chapter 4: Sequential Circuits UNIT II : Computer Organization and Architecture Chapter 1: Machine Instructions, Addressing Modes Chapter 2: ALU and Data Path, CPU Control Design Chapter 3: Memory Interface, I/O Interface Chapter 4: Instruction Pipelining Chapter 5: Cache and Main Memory, Secondary Storage UNIT III : Programming and Data Structures PART 1 Programming and Data Structures Chapter 1: Programming in C Chapter 2: Functions Chapter 3: Arrays, Pointers, Structures Chapter 4: Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues Chapter 5: Trees PART 2 Algorithms Chapter 1: Asymptotic Analysis Chapter 2: Sorting Algorithms Chapter 3: Divide and Conquer Chapter 4: Greedy Approach Chapter 5: Dynamic Programming UNIT 1V: Databases Chapter 1: ER Model and Relational Model Chapter 2: Structured Query Language Chapter 3: Normalization Chapter 4: Transaction and Concurrency Chapter 5: File Management UNIT V: Theory of Computation Chapter 1: Finite Automata and Regular Languages Chapter 2: Context Free Languages and Push Down Automata Chapter 3: Recursively Enumerable Sets and Turing Machines, Undecidability UNIT VI: Compiler Design Chapter 1: Lexical Analysis and Parsing Chapter 2: Syntax Directed Translation Chapter 3: Intermediate Code Generation Chapter 4: Code Optimization UNIT VII: Operating System Chapter 1: Processes and Threads Chapter 2: Interprocess Communication, Concurrency and Synchronization Chapter 3: Deadlock and CPU Scheduling Chapter 4: Memory Management and Virtual Memory Chapter 5: File Systems, I/O Systems, Protection and Security UNIT VIII: Networks, Information Systems, Software Engineering and Web Technology Part A Network Chapter 1: OSI Layers Chapter 2: Routing Algorithms Chapter 3: TCP/UDP Chapter 4: IP(V4) Chapter 5: Network Security Part B Information Systems Chapter 1: Process Life Cycle Chapter 2: Project Management and Maintenance Part C Software Engineering and Web Technology Chapter 1: Markup Languages ”

Salient Features

“Maximum Coverage/Explanations/Illustrations as per Latest Syllabus 770+ Solved Problems and 2550+ Practice Questions Elaborated Question Bank Covering Previous 17 Years’ GATE Question Papers Unit -wise Time -bound Tests 2021 GATE Online Paper with detailed solution”

Author: Pearson
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN-13: 9789354493683
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
No. Of Pages: 826
Country of Origin: India
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