Grafalco Grammar Path – 1 (9788124332726)

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This is the first in a series of classroom materials that presents English grammar in context. The system in India expects rigorous coverage of grammatical points. In this series of books, pupils are given opportunities not just to complete grammar exercises, but also to recognize grammar patterns in use. At the end of each book in the series, they are given the opportunity to use new grammatical structures and vocabulary in their own writing. Children at this point in their school lives have had some learning of English. It is important to reinforce this early learning with further knowledge of grammar. That requires clear presentation and practice of the rules of the language. Each unit in this series of books starts with a clear explanation of grammar terms followed by examples which show the grammar in context. To give the maximum opportunity for pupils to use and practise the grammar that is being taught, examples and explanations are followed by a variety Of exercises which allow the children to show they can recognize the grammar point. Each exercise features an example so that teachers can present the materials then encourage the children to work through the exercises independently. The exercises give the grammar a context which makes it meaningful for the child, rather than exercises which merely ask children to recognise the new feature of language or part of speech. The exercises in each chapter also introduce and recycle vocabulary as well as grammar points. As well as extending the children’s ability to understand grammatically correct English, they have the opportunity to use it. Throughout the book, grammatical terms and vocabulary are revised and recycled so that children can consolidate their learning and teachers can ensure that children are progressing in their learning of the language. Four revision sections in the book can help teachers track the progress of their pupils and allow pupils to consolidate what they have learned. These revision units also help children to prepare for test situations which they will encounter later in their school lives. At the end of the book, there is an extensive section that allows the children to use what they have learned in a variety of reading comprehension exercises and writing activities. The writing activities, which in level 1 focus on personal writing, include model texts, cloze exercises and word banks to scaffold the children’s own writing. The reading comprehension activities based on fiction and non-fiction texts help to develop the pupils’ reading skills. These short texts also show the grammar in context, where it has meaning. After using this grammar book, Indian children will understand more grammar and will also recognize where this grammar is used in everyday English. This will promote fluency and language acquisition which is the purpose of learning English. We hope you enjoy using this Grammar Path to English.

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