Heat and Thermodynamics (SIE) By Mark W. Zemansky (9780070700352)


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The new volume of Heat and Thermodynamics endeavours to maintain the original classical flavour while at the same time ensures that novel advancements in the subject are also brought to the forefront. This textbook is a bridge between thermal physics and the more challenging world of time- dependent non-equilibrium physics
Part I Fundamental Concepts
1. Temperature and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
2. Simple Thermodynamic Systems
3. Work
4. Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics
5. Ideal Gas
6. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
7. The Carnot Cycle and the Thermodynamic
emperature Scale
8. Entropy
9. Pure and Real Substances
10. Thermodynamic Relations
11. Kinetic Theory of Gases
12. Open Systems
Part II Applications of Fundamental Concepts
13. Statistical Mechanics
14. Thermal Properties of Solids
15. Critical Phenomena; Higher-Order Phase Transitions
16. Chemical Equilibrium
17. Ideal-Gas Reactions
18. Heterogeneous Systems

Author: Mark W. Zemansky
Publisher: Mark W. Zemansky
ISBN-13: 9.78007E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 507
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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