Henderson’s Dictionary of Biology By Eleanor Lawrence (9789332517400)


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With over 22,000 entries, Henderson’s Dictionary of Biology continues to be an essential reference for students, teachers and researchers within any of the biological sciences. This fifteenth edition has updated and revised many existing definitions, and has included new terms from exciting areas such as bioinformatics, proteomics, and genomics.

  • Table of Content

    Preface to the Fifteenth Edition
    Units and Conversions
    SI Prefixes
    Greek Alphabet
    Common Latin and Greek Noun Endings


    1.  An Outline of the Plant Kingdom (Domain Eukarya)
    2.  An Outline of the Kindgom Fungi (Domain Eukarya)
    3.  An Outline of the Animal Kingdom (Domain Eukarya)
    4.  An Outline of the Kingdoms Protoctista and Stramenopila (Domain Eukarya)
    5.  An Outline of the Domain Bacteria
    6.  An Outline of the Domain Archaea
    7.  Virus Families
    8.  Geological Timescale
    9.  Etymological Origins of Some Common Word Elements in Biology


    Salient Features

    •        Over 22,000 entries
    •        Clear definitions and additional explanations
    •        Covers a wide range of topics
    •        Includes simplified, up-to-date classification tables for the kingdoms of living organisms

Author: Eleanor Lawrence
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN-13: 9789332517400
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
Product Edition: 2014
No. Of Pages: 776
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: No

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