Introduction to Financial Planning (IIBF) (9789386394552)


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Introduction to Financial Planning covers the following topics:

  • The Indian Financial System
  • Elements of Financial Planning
  • Ways & Means of Meeting Clients’ needs through Financial Planning
  • Elements of Creating a Financial Plan

This book will be helpful for ardent learners of banking & finance and professionals engaged in the financial advising field.

The Present Publication is the 4th Edition (2017), published exclusively by Taxmann for the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Indian Economic Environment
    • Introduction to Economics and Indian Economy
    • Economic Policies
    • Economic Indicators and Value of Investment
    • Media and Information Sources
  • Overview of Indian Financial Markets
    • Basic Concepts
    • The Financial System
    • Types of Financial Markets
    • Features of Financial Markets
    • The Flow of Funds
  • Participants, Intermediaries & Regulators of the Indian Financial System: Institutional & Non-Institutional
    • Participants in the Finance Industry
    • Types of Financial Services
  • Basics of Financial Planning
    • Introduction
    • Regulatory Controls and Practices
    • A Brief Overview of Advisers
    • The Consumer Life Cycle
    • The Wealth Cycle
  • The Financial Planning Process
  • Towards a Financial Plan
    • Working with Clients
    • Gathering Initial Information from the Client
    • Additional Information
    • Meeting the Client’s Objectives
    • Asset Allocation
    • Implementation
    • Ongoing Service
  • Recommending Financial Planning Strategies to Investors
  • Effective Communication in Financial Counselling
    • Introduction
    • Three-types of Structured Communication
    • Essentials in Financial Counselling
    • Profile of the Effective Counsellor
    • Elements of Non-Verbal Behaviours
    • Attending and Listening Skills
    • Counsellor Leading Responses
    • The Questions Process of a Financial Counselling

Author: IIBF
Publisher: IIBF
ISBN-13: 9.78939E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
No. Of Pages: 370
Country of Origin: India

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