Jail Diary of Bhagat Singh BY Bhagat Singh (9789353338336)


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A portrait of man with an acute scholarly mind and a cheerful socialist heart. Between the years 1929 in September till March 1931 when he was sent to the gallows a day before his actual hanging date, Bhagat Singh wrote extensively. He maintained a diary which was full of notes of daily usage, his own thoughts on freedom, poverty and class struggle and thoughts of varied political thinkers and intellectuals like Lenin, Marx, Ummar Khayyam, Morozov, Rabindranath Tagore, Trotsky, Bertrand Russell, Dostoevsky, Wordsworth, Ghalib and many others. Through the pages of his jail diary, a real Bhagat Singh emerges—one who is without the hat or a gun, one who had an acute scholarly mind and a robust socialist persona.

Author: Bhagat Singh
Publisher: Bhagat Singh
ISBN-13: 9.78935E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 189
Country of Origin: INDIA

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