Life Mantras (Hindi) By Subrata Roy Sahara (9788129139832)


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“After having gone through the book, you will definitely and convincingly realise that to achieve peace, true happiness, contentment, satisfaction and also to attain continuous progress in life in terms of material gains, respect and love, you need not depend on anybody in this world. It all depends on you. It is all in your hands.”-‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara “Nobody does anything for anyone. All do for themselves either for more and more material gains or to save and escape from any kind of material losses or from mental-emotional dissatisfaction or for getting more and more mental-emotional satisfaction. Therefore, no one sacrifices for anyone. When no one does anything for anyone, there is no justification in expecting any returns.” The author goes on to explain that to make life truly beautiful, one also needs to understand the basic truths with which we are born or the basic instincts inherent in us all. So for a positive outcome one has to learn the psychological or the emotional aspects of life, in other words, the realities of life or the entire philosophy of life. As you get immersed in the potent energy of these ‘Life Mantras’, you will slowly find a change, a sense of fulfillment, a self-motivation coming in you. You will thus be led to the ultimate realization that the journey of life is indeed a truly blissful and an enlightening experience.

Author: Subrata Roy Sahara
Publisher: Subrata Roy Sahara
ISBN-13: 9.78813E+12
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperbacks
No. Of Pages: 241
Country of Origin: India

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