LUCKNOW : Wandering in the Lanes of History 1700s And 1800s By Nasima Aziz (9789352261536)

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About the books – The big picture of history,like a giant jigsaw puzzle,is made up of thousand of small jagged bits in different shapes patterned with random colours .In this history Of Lucknow ,when the Author picks up dozen of pieces and fits them together , a picture emerges showing the essential outline of the Who and the What , the Why and the When .Unlike the inanimate pieces of say ,geography,each history-puzzle-piece was once the memory of some man or women, a living human being,one of us. Lucknow ,as everyone knows, has always been a special place,loved by its citizens with passion and pride,with sympathy,forgiveness ,and an instinctive ,inherited belief in the glory of diversity.If you have never been to Lucknow and you are reading this book you may well become a citizen too, in Lucknow’s virtual reality . About the Author – Nasima Aziz is en editor who also writes passionately on topics such an cuisine, culture and history of Lucknow. She has travelled extensively with her diploma husband but home has always been her birthplace, Lucknow .

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