MTG: Complete NEET Guide Physics (9789388899925)

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MTG: Complete NEET Guide Physics (9789388899925)
Complete NEET Guide chapter-wise, topic-wise Physics?is a complete book to prepare you well for the NEET Exam. It covers complete syllabus and includes all the chapters of Class XI and XII, CBSE Physics. Complete NEET Guide accommodates concise theory, flow charts, tables with illustrations and complete chapter concept map for easy and quick revision of every chapter of Physics. After theory part, Exam Caf? section is given with practice exercise (MCQs), answer key and detailed solutions.10 year chapter wise AIPMT/NEET questions (2010 ? 2019) with solutions are also given at the end of every chapter. This gives you deep understanding about weightage of the chapter and number of questions asked in NEET. Solved paper of 2019 NEET included to check the latest pattern of the exam.
This book will guide you to understand the NEET exam completely. Offers conceptual theory with illustrative examples and exercises. This book is for CBSE and Non- CBSE students and gives an advantage of thorough practice of AIPMT/NEET questions chapter-wise.
Class 11
UNIT 1 : Physical World and Measurement
UNIT 2 : ?Kinematics
UNIT 3 : Laws of Motion
UNIT 4 : Work, Energy and Power
UNIT 5 : Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
UNIT 6 : Gravitation
UNIT 7 : Properties of Bulk Matter
UNIT 8 : Thermodynamics
UNIT 9 : Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
UNIT 10 : Oscillations and Waves
Class 12
UNIT 1 : Electrostatics
UNIT 2 : Current Electricity
UNIT 3 : Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
UNIT 4 : Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
UNIT 5 : Electromagnetic Waves
UNIT 6 : Optics
UNIT 7 : Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
UNIT 8 : Atoms and Nuclei
UNIT 9 : Electronic Devices

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