Multimedia Magic – 2nd Edition By S.Gokul (9788183330695)


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With its innumerable possibilities and versatile nature opening an entirely new era of applications,Multimedia is already revolutionizing several streams of applications like special effects for feature films and television serials,Animation films and Cartoons, Advertising, Engineering, Printing, web, Education and Games! ? Be it for careers or for academic purpose for real world projects or proof of concepts for fun or serious learning here comes a one stop reference for everything related to Multimedia.The multimedia Magic.Simple yet comprehensive compelling and complete Multimedia Magic is an experience by itself.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1???????? Components of?Multimedia

Chapter 2???????? Multimedia:The hardware essentials

Chapter 3???????? Multimedia:Setting up the software

Chapter 4???????? Understanding Digital Data

Chapter 5???????? Digital Audio

Chapter 6???????? The sound cards

Chapter 7???????? Audio recording and editing techniques

Chapter 8???????? The MP3 revolution

Chapter 9???????? MIDI Fundamentals

Chapter 10?????? Working with MIDI

Chapter 11?????? Designing texts

Chapter 12?????? The world of colours

Chapter 13?????? Digital Imaging


Chapter 14?????? Scanning and digital photography

Chapter 15?????? Graphics editing

Chapter 16?????? Fundamentals of computer animation

Chapter 17?????? Developing animations for multimedia projects

Chapter 18?????? Introducing digital video

Chapter 19?????? Digital video production techniques

Chapter 20?????? Project conceptualization design and development

Chapter 21?????? Multimedia authoring

Chapter 22?????? Project planning and costing

Chapter 23?????? Multimedia skill sets and career opportunities

Chapter 24?????? Compact discs

Chapter 25?????? CDReplication process

Chapter 26?????? Digital versatile discs


Author: S.GOKUL
Publisher: S.GOKUL
ISBN-13: 9.78818E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 306
Country of Origin: India

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