Network Of Champions (Hindi) By Shad Helmstteter (9788183225687)


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“Helmstter offers 6 scripts for creating the behavior of a champion networker such as getting motivated and staying motivated, showing the plan, getting into action, believe in amway, I can do this, I know I can and a specially new version (for Amway) of his highly successful script Believing in the incredible you. Some of the topics that Helmster covers include:

* How to change old mental programs that get in the way of your business success

* Discover the 9 essential virtues of network marketing

* Identify the most successful and least successful network marketing styles.

* Overcome the #1 problem that most network marketers face every day.

* Learn why some people turn down the opportunity and what to do about it.

* Learn how to build a more positive business attitude and strong self esteem, beginning immediately.”

Author: Shad Helmstteter
Publisher: Shad Helmstteter
ISBN-13: 9.78818E+12
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperbacks
Country of Origin: India

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