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OPTICS by Professor Ghatak is a classic text designed to provide a comprehensive account of important topics in this exciting fi¬eld. The book aims to meet the requirements of a course on Optics for undergraduate students of Science and Engineering. This brand new multi-colour edition comes with a number of careful revisions in the text and colourful illustrations, thus making it even more exciting and reader friendly


• A new introductory PROLOGUE detailing importance of study of light after the advent of lasers
• A new chapter on BOHR THEORY OF THE ATOM with applications of spectroscopy
• Comprehensive coverage of important topics like Geometrical Optics, Vibrations & Waves, Polarization, Interference, Diffraction, Lasers and Holography
• Updated content on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Anisotropic Media, Fiber Optics and Lasers
• Comprehensive simple derivation of the famous equation E = mc2 and Special Theory of Relativity
• Quantum Theory including the EPR Paradox & Entanglement

Chapter 1: What is Light: A Brief History

PART 1 Geometrical Optics
Chapter 2: Fermat’s Principle and its Applications
Chapter 3: Refraction and Reflection by Spherical Surfaces
Chapter 4: The Matrix Method in Paraxial Optics
Chapter 5: Aberrations

PART 2 Wave Optics
Chapter 6: Simple Harmonic Motion, Forced Vibrations and Origin of Refractive Index
Chapter 7: Fourier Series and Applications
Chapter 8: The Dirac Delta Function and Fourier Transforms
Chapter 9: Wave Propagation and the Wave Equation
Chapter 10: Huygens’ Principle and its Applications
Chapter 11: Group Velocity and Pulse Dispersion
Chapter 12: Superposition of Waves
Chapter 13: Two Beam Interference by Division of Wavefront
Chapter 14: Interference by Division of Amplitude
Chapter 15: Multiple Beam Interferometry
Chapter 16: Coherence
Chapter 17: Fraunhofer Diffraction I
Chapter 18: Fraunhofer Diffraction II and Fourier Optics
Chapter 19: Fresnel Diffraction
Chapter 20: Holography
Chapter 21: Polarization and Double Refraction
Chapter 22: Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 23: Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves

PART 3 Quantum Theory
Chapter 24: Particle Nature of Radiation: The Photon
Chapter 25: Bohr Atom and Line Spectra of Atoms
Chapter 26: Quantum Theory and Entanglement

PART 4 Lasers & Fiber Optics
Chapter 27: Lasers: An Introduction
Chapter 28: Fiber Optics l: Basics Using Ray Optics
Chapter 29: Fiber Optics II: Basic Waveguide Theory and Concept of Modes
Chapter 30: Fiber Optics III: Single Mode Fibers

PART 5 Special Theory of Relativity
Chapter 31: The Mass Energy Relation: E = mc2
Chapter 32: Special Theory of Relativity I: Time Dilation and Length Contraction
Chapter 33: Special Theory of Relativity II: Lorentz Transformations

Appendix A: Few Mathematical Formulae
Appendix B: Diffraction of a Gaussian Beam
Appendix C: A Heuristic Derivation of the Schrödinger Equation and its Physical Interpretations
Appendix D: Solution for the Parabolic Index Waveguide
Appendix E: Invariance of the Wave Equation under Lorentz Transformation
Multiple-Choice Questions

References and Suggested Readings

Author: Ajoy Ghatak
Publisher: Mcgraw Hill
ISBN-13: 9789390113590
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 29/08/2022
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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