Production and Operations Management by K. Aswathappa & K. Shridhara Bhat (9789350971888)


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Production and Operations Management by K. Aswathappa & K. Shridhara Bhat (9789350971888)

The book is divided into six sections.

Section I explains the nature and sets the tone for Production and Operations Management;

Section 2 deals with various designs;

Section 3 covers organizations of Physical facilities;

Section 4 is about the actual operations;

Section 5 describes materials management activities and

Section 6 suggests how organizations can improve their productivity.

Running through 27 chapters, the text has been reinforced with illustrations, solved problems, questions and references.


1. Introduction to Production and Operations Management

2. Strategic Operations Management

3. Demand Forecasting

4. Production Processes, Manufacturing and Service Operations

5. Design of Production Systems

6. Production Technology and Technology Management

7. Long-Range Capacity Planning

8. Facility Location

9. Facility Layout

10. Design of Work Systems

11. Production/Operations Planning and Control

12. Aggregate Planning and Master Production Scheduling

13. Resource Requirements Planning

14. Service Operations: Planning and Scheduling

15. Shop Floor Planning and Control

16. Project Management

17. Quality Management

18. Maintenance Management

19. Introduction to Materials Management

20. Materials Planning and Control

21. Purchase Management

22. Stores Management and Materials Handling

23. Inventory Management

24. Just-In-Time Systems

25. Supply Chain Management

26. Enterprise Resource Planning

27. International Operations Management

Author: K. Aswathappa & K. Shridhara Bhat
Publisher: K. Aswathappa & K. Shridhara Bhat
ISBN-13: 9.78935E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 656
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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