Punjabi Saga By Prakash Tandon (9788171675067)


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This paperback edition is the revised version of Punjabi Saga, the trilogy comprising Prakash Tandon’s three volume autobiography: Punjab Century, Beyond Punjab and Return to Punjab. Spanning the turbulent years between 1857 and 1947, Punjabi Century is a fascinating blend of autobiography and national history. Beyond Punjab, a record of Tandon’s career in management, also puts into perspective the crucial period of Indian history during the last decade of British rule and the years following independence. Return to Punjab is a politically charged account of Tandon’s experiences of switching from the private sector to undertake assignments in government operations. Punjabi Saga is a unique read, entwining the personal life of a man with that of his country.

Author: Prakash Tandon
Publisher: Prakash Tandon
ISBN-13: 9.78817E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 664
Country of Origin: India

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