Rapid Vocabulary Builder By Norman Lewis (9788185288147)

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Author : Norman Lewis
Publisher : Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. (Goyal Saab)
Country of Origin : India
Binding : Paperback
No. Of Pages : 192
ISBN : 9788185288147
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Rapid Vocabulary Builder By Norman Lewis (9788185288147)

An amazing new method that trains you to learn new words instantly. Trains you to master the meaning, use, pronunciation of hundreds of new, exciting words-quickly, easily, unforgettably. A n hour of self-testing and self-scoring can add more new words to your vocabulary than you usually learn ina year. The proven method that adds hundreds of new words to your vocabulary: Improve your test scores. A dd power to your speech. Master complete definitionsand effective usage. Learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of eachWord.

Instant Word Power?is a book written by Norman Lewis. He has written more than twenty five bestsellers on improving English vocabulary. The author has attempted the tried and tested methods that people have been following since the time they started to speak. They would try to register the new words that they heard and rehearse them repeatedly in their minds. This was the way children spoke and learnt new words, and subconsciously added thousands of words into their vocabulary. Spelling plays a vital role in word building and practice is the only way of learning and understanding new words. There are many words in English that have their origins from Greek and Latin and the essence of the book lies in giving an insight into these words and thereby help accumulate words. The word roots, the prefixes, and suffixes have been elaborated upon so that the reader can understand the significance of their usage and thereby expand their vocabulary.

Norman Lewis?was born on 30th December, 1912 in Brooklyn. He studied at the City College, New York, and Columbia. He served as faculty at New York University and City College before joining the Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California. He is famous all over the world for his books that aim to build the vocabulary of the masses. Some of his books include?Word Power Made Easy?and?30 Days to Better English. He died on 8th September, 2006.

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