Remote Sensing And GIS : 3rd Edition By Basudeb Bhatta (9780199496648)


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Beginning with the history and basic concepts of remote sensing and GIS, the book gives an exhaustive coverage of optical, thermal and microwave remote sensing, global navigation satellite systems (such as GPS), digital photogrammetry, visual image analysis, digital image processing, spatial and attribute data model, geospatial analysis, and planning, implementation and management of GIS. It also presents the modern trends of remote sensing and GIS with an illustrated discussion on its numerous applications. The appendices provide the prerequisites required for understanding remote sensing and GIS technology.

Author: Basudeb Bhatta
Publisher: Basudeb Bhatta
ISBN-13: 9780199496648
Language: english
Binding: Paperback
Product Edition: 2022
No. Of Pages: 732
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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