Rich Dad Poor Dad [Hindi translation of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’] (Hindi) By Robert T. Kiyosaki...


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Rich Dad Poor Dad is a story based on the author and how his two fathers the first his poor biological father and the other his rich dad who is his childhood best friend Mikes father teach him the ways of achieving success in very different manners The author is seen comparing both the fathers during the progression of the book He takes in account their thoughts values and business practices The author differentiates amongst his poor and struggling yet highly educated father from his richer dad in terms of professional understanding and strength building The poor dad is seen as a person who is in a continuous run in the rat race but is never able to achieve his dreams for wealth as he lacks business knowledge His rich dad forms the richer part of the public The theme of the book is reduced down to two main thoughts – the will to succeed and being a fearless businessperson These two ideas are highlighted as the book presents many examples for each The book focuses on how an individual should have good knowledge of money and the rigid faith that an individuals upbringing obstructs their economic goals Rich Dad Poor Dad Hindi was published on 1 September 2002 and is available in paperback on Amazon The book has sold more than 26 million copies and is also a New York Times Bestseller The book has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith About the Author Robert Kiyosaki is truly a multi-talented personality He is an entrepreneur investor motivational speaker author and also a financial knowledge activist He is very popular for his series of books called Rich Dad Poor Dad He is a Japanese American who was born in Hilo Hawaii Having printed over 15 books with joint sales of over 26 million copies he also has a blog and keeps up a regular column on Yahoo Finance He writes about his newest opinions on worldwide economics investing business world financial markets and personal business on Yahoo

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
ISBN-13: 9788186775219
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 308
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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