Rupa: Students’ Companion: A Must for Every Student By Terry O’Brien (9788129119957)


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Rupa: Students’ Companion: A Must for Every Student By Terry O’Brien (9788129119957)

The Students? Companion: A Must for Every Student, compiled by Terry O?Brien, is an essential guide to understanding information thoroughly and increasing knowledge.

Summary of the Book

If you find it a bit difficult to comprehend information from a text, if the contents of encyclopaedias seem lengthy, cluttered and strenuous to read,?The Students? Companion?is the right book that helps you overcome such difficulties. It offers knowledge on a wide range of topics in an easily accessible and lucid manner. Some of the subjects covered in the book are: geographical features of India, world history, world organizations, glimpses of Indian history, the Indian Constitution, India?s achievements in science and technology, the universe, vocabulary and quantitative ability among other topics.

About Terry O?Brien

Terry O’Brien is an esteemed academician and an ardent quiz aficionado. He is keenly interested in kindling quizzing instinct in people and encouraging an aptitude to develop the 3R?s of learning: Read, Record, and Recall. He is a Trainers? instructor and a motivational speaker. He has penned many books, including?The Students? Companion, Fun with Riddles, Fun with Maths, Fun with Puzzles,?and?Little Red Book: Effective Speaking Skills.?He is very well known for his flair for speaking and his articulating abilities in writing.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to extract information from a text? Do encyclopaedias seem cluttered, long and laborious to read? The Student’s Companion is an ideal book for the reader on the move, which offers a range of knowledge in an easy and accessible manner. This book covers a wide variety of subjects: the universe, world history, world organizations, geographical features of India, glimpses of Indian history, the Indian constitution, India’s achievements in science, quantitative ability and vocabulary, among other things.

Author: Terry O Brien
Publisher: Terry O Brien
ISBN-13: 9.78813E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 297
Country of Origin: India

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