Samaaj : Jismen Main Rahata Hoon (Hindi) By Narendra Kohli (9780670095384)


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As much as Narendra Kohli is known for the narrative and flow of his writings, he is also for the clarity of his thoughts. He often hears that people are afraid to talk to him. Do not know what he would say next. He believes that ‘we should always speak the truth.’ The society says “so”, but most people do not have the courage to listen to it. Most people speak what others want to hear. But these small things, which we do not give much importance or do not consider necessary, are a mirror of our personality.
Samaaj, jismen main rahataa hoon, reflects the same ideology of the author. This memoir of sweet and sour experiences of Narendra Kohli’s writings and life is also interesting and serious as well. There is sarcasm in this as well as poise. It is also the truth of life, and life itself. Kohli’s strong writing has made it more intense and livelier.

Author: Narendra Kohli
Publisher: Narendra Kohli
ISBN-13: 9.78067E+12
Language: Hindi
Binding: Hardbound
No. Of Pages: 248
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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