Sawal hi Jawab Hain [ Hindi translation of ‘Questions are the Answers’] By Allan Pease (9788186775066)


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Sawal hi Jawab Hain [ Hindi translation of ‘Questions are the Answers’] By Allan Pease (9788186775066)

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Questions are the Answers (Hindi) by Allan Pease is all about networking and marketing and the importance of these two indispensable factors for building and expanding businesses.

Summary Of The Book

Questions are the Answers (Hindi)?by Allan Pease is devoted to the spheres of marketing and networking in business. The book details these two essential business factors and shows how they influence business growth.

Questions are the Answers (Hindi)?is the Hindi edition of its best selling English counterpart. Network marketing is dealt with in this book and readers are taught hardcore business building. Establishing a business from scratch is a tough task. This book simplifies the same process and shows how network marketing can be a huge asset in this regard. There are various strategies that are tried and tested with regard to network marketing. These find pride of place in Pease?s book. The book also shows readers how to beef up a business with network marketing and lists several basic ways and means for the same.

Questions are the Answers (Hindi)?presents network marketing as an indispensable and essential business tool. There are six highly crucial business methods that are showcased in the book. These methods can facilitate better body language along with establishing better opinion.?Questions are the Answers (Hindi)?also lays stress on the need to retain good humour. Good humour is seen as an essential component towards improvement of personal and business networking skills. There are loads of strategies and skills that have already been field-tested.

About Allan Pease

Allan Pease is a bestselling Australian author and expert in the field of body language. Allan Pease has also written?The Definitive Book Of Body Language, Body Language Of Love, Easy Peasey: People Skills For Life, Body language In The Workplace, Why Men Don?t Have A Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes: The Ultimate Guide To The Opposite Sex, Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love: Unravelling The Simple Truth,?and?Why Men Don?t Listen And Women Can?t Read Maps: How We?re Different And What To Do About It.

Allan Pease started his career as a musician and became a salesman for life insurance thereafter. He then graduated to becoming a sales speaker and trainer. Eventually, his field of expertise encompassed communication skills and body language. He is known for his bestselling books and pioneering work in areas like human behaviour and sex differences. He has co-authored various books with Barbara, his wife.

Author: Allan Pease
Publisher: Allan Pease
ISBN-13: 9.78819E+12
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 112
Country of Origin: India

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