Selected Stories By Virginia Woolf (9788129135186)


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on the eve of the battle of panipat, zahiruddin muhammad babur gathers his forces to fight the formidable lodhi sultan and regain hindustan, the land of riches that his ancestor temur once ruled. his confidence is boosted by his pride in the martial skills of his beloved son and heir, humayun. but little do the father and son know that their biggest threat lies not in the fields of war, but within the intricate web of relationships they have woven around themselves babur with his wives, who are constantly engaged in games of oneupmanship, and humayun with the alluring concubine sona. can babur really trust anyone, even those who are closest to him? will the mughals be able to defeat their enemies, both outside and within?

Author: Virgina Woolf
Publisher: Virgina Woolf
ISBN-13: 9.78813E+12
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 135
Country of Origin: India

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