THE BEAN STALK DOES GROW TO THE SKY BY ashu dutt (9789386268075)


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Multibaggers are stocks that give you 5-, 10-fold returns in relatively quick time. Normal stocks don’t do that. Clearly, then, multibagger investment style has to be completely different. In fact, it is counter-intuitive; you have to train yourself to find and seize opportunity where others find risk, acting on your own knowledge and independent conviction. Multibaggers are most generally found when fear and panic grip the market and when the outflow of money dwarfs the inflow into the market. That could be in a bear market, or in a temporary credit freeze, when disinterest in a sector hits rock bottom, or when most investors and traders either don’t have the money, the gumption, the stomach, or the foresight to buy stocks. Extreme power laws apply in multibagger investing. This book teaches you those power laws: * Axioms, myths and traps of multibagger investing * Principles of multibagger investing * How to train your mind for multibagger investing * Multibagger rules and secrets that market insiders don’t tell you * Types of multibaggers in different market phases * Strategies of multibagger investing * Actionable multibagger trading strategies * Why individual investors are one up over investing professionals in multibagger investing * How to build your multibagger investing edge. The book also shows you how to apply second level thinking, beyond superficial clichés, to make a fortune through multibaggers.

Author: ashu dut
Publisher: ashu dut
ISBN-13: 9.78939E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 256
Country of Origin: INDIA
International Shipping: yes

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