The Freethinker’s Prayer Book BY Khushwant Singh (9788192328041)


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In this eclectic and deeply personal collection, India’s grand old man of letters brings together precepts, prayers and practical advice by prophets, poets and philosophers, and his favourite passages from the seminal texts of the world’s major faiths. The Bible and the Granth Sahib speak to us from these pages, as do the Quran and the Vedas. The songs of mystics and saints like Kabir, Rumi and Teresa of Ávila mix with the verse of poets like Ghalib, Tagore and Keats. In the final section, Khushwant Singh shares some of his own life codes and those of the rebels and mavericks he most admires. Full of spirit, wit and good sense and as free of humbug as the man himself-this is a book of inspiration, comfort and entertainment for every discerning reader

Author: Khushwant Singh
Publisher: Khushwant Singh
ISBN-13: 9.78819E+12
Language: ENGLISH
Country of Origin: INDIA

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