The Real Modi (Hindi) By Arvind Chaturvedi (9789387146716)

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The Real Modi (Hindi) By Arvind Chaturvedi (9789387146716)

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Author : Arvind Chaturvedi
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Binding : Paperbacks
No. Of Pages : 234
ISBN : 9789387146716
Language : Hindi
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The book “The Real Modi” reveals several aspects of Narendra Modi’s life, which were hitherto hidden from the public at large. There are many stories relating to Modi’s early childhood, his initial struggles, his childhood friends, his earliest mentors and the like. There are many stories on Modi’s life experiences before becoming the Prime Minister and the lessons learnt by him. Some of these stories are very interesting whereas some of them are very exciting. Readers will get answers to several interesting questions like who imparted the first lesson in savings to Modi, Modi’s cricket connection, people who accompanied his baraat, first responsibility assigned to him after joining the RSS in Ahmedabad, fait of the tape recorder that was gifted to him by his guru, reasons why Modi never allowed Shanker Singh Vaghela to ride his scooter, the secret that led to Modi not being apprehended during the emergency. The book is certain to be a thriller.

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