Unix. Possibly, the longest living entity in the computer land where nothing survives more than a couple of years, a decade at the most. It has been around for more than two decades, owing its longevity to the ruggedness built into it and its commands. This book has two parts. The first part is a journey into the vast expanse that is Unix. The intent is to make you aware of the underlying philosophy used in development of myriads of Unix commands rather than telling you all the variations available with them. The second part takes you into the murky depths of Shell Programming and System Administration. You would find a detailed coverage of several aspects of Bourne Shell Programming.
Table Of contents:?
Part : 1
  1. Getting Started
  2. Gaining Confidence
  3. The Unix File System
  4. Essential Unix Commands
  5. I/O Redirection and Piping
  6. vi, The King of All Editors
  7. Processes in Unix
  8. Communication – Unix Style
  9. Shell Programming – The First Step ?(Part – 2)
  10. Taking Decisions
  11. The Loop Control Structure
  12. Shell Metacharacters
  13. Tricks of The Trade
  14. Shell Miscellany
  15. System Administration
  16. Shell Programming Project