VB.Net Made Simple: Programs and Project BY SOMA DASGUPTA (9788183334792)


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Product description

This book contains programs and projects that demonstratedifferent features and function of Visual Basic.Net. This is aunique book for students who have some knowledge of VisualBasic.Net and wants to improve their skills. It showcases theeffective way of using different tools to create user-friendlyapplications. Each programs and projects is divided into foursections, program description, design, code explanation and output.This structure is maintained throughout to provide learners abetter understanding on each portion of the program or project. Salient Features Work with form controls Learn to validate input Handle exceptions Work with dialog boxes Create picture viewer and slide shows Drag and drop pictures Work with shapes Learn to add splash screen Generate random numbers Learn to work with global variables Set up database connectivity Work with SQL statements Learn to control navigation Display data from database in form of charts Access data of multiple tables using tabs Add audio and video in your application Convert text to speech Create your own Web Browser,  media player, text editor Book includes a CD which contains all programs and project files, pictures, videos and Databases

ISBN-13: 9.78818E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 230
Country of Origin: India

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