World Geography (Fifth Edition) By Majid Husain (9788131608067)


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World Geography (Fifth Edition) By Majid Husain (9788131608067)

World Geography, 5th edition provides a coherent and organized geography of the world as we now know it. It studies how people are distributed over the earth, how they make their living from it, and how they transform it. Since the publication of the last edition of this book, significant changes have occurred in the socio-economic and demographic scenario of countries across the world. In the light of the changing socio-political landscape, the book has been thoroughly revised with the latest information and statistics. An altogether new chapter on ?Changing Definition of Regional Geography? has also been added to the book. In this book, the world has been divided into eighteen regions with detailed text on individual nations within each of these regions. Written in a logical, cogent and convincing style, the principles of brevity and clarity have been followed all through the book. Combining informative text with a wealth of latest data, maps and illustrations, this attempt offers a comprehensive coverage of almost all the countries of the world in a single volume. The book will be useful for the students and teachers alike, as well as for those who are interested in knowing the geo-physical setting and cultural milieu of different countries and regions of the world.


? Changing Definition of Regional Geography
? Africa
? North Africa
? Northeastern Africa
? West Africa
? West-Central Africa
? Southern Africa
? Asia
? Southwest Asia
? South Asia
? Southeast Asia
? East Asia
? Central Asia
? Europe
? North America
? Middle America
? South America
? Oceania
? Antarctica


Majid Husain?is a former Professor of Geography, Central University Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Having a high degree of commitment to teaching and research, Dr. Husain has an unparallel ability of simplifying the difficult concepts of geography and the capacity to analyze enormous facts in a cogent manner. His books, Evolution of Geographical Thought, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Human Geography, Systematic Agricultural Geography, Models in Geography and Geography of Jammu and Kashmir, are widely acclaimed and accepted as text and reference books, both in India and abroad.

Author: Majid Husain
Publisher: Majid Husain
Binding: Paperback
No. Of Pages: 434
Country of Origin: India

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